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our history

         It was in 1948 when Nick, Tommy and Carmine II opened the first Borrelli’s Bakery.  Located in the heart of North Providence, RI, the Borrelli brothers created a family business that was truly family-owned and operated down to the smallest details.  Just like other bakeries at this time, the Borrelli’s knew the importance of providing great tasting products with even fresher ingredients.  Recipes for breads, sauces, and sweets were passed down from generations and honored through the years.  

     With tremendous help from their sisters, nieces, and nephews, the Borrelli brothers continued their successful bakery for many decades.  It was in 2005 when Borrelli’s Bakery opened in the state’s capital city of Providence and has resided there ever since.  Under the leadership of Carmine Borrelli III, the idea behind the family’s business was to keep family first and that’s exactly what he did.  The family expanded not just through generations but with faithful customers and supporters.

        Encouragement and support poured in from local newspapers, radio, and magazines, such as Rhode Island Monthly, supporting the local bakery and its traditional values.  Borrelli’s Bakery continues to remain a staple in the small state of Rhode Island and owes much of its success to the loyal customers who have become more like family.


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We hope to see you around Charles Street!

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